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Alleviate Negative Impact of TRS Increase with Custodial Outsourcing

When Texas passed an increase in the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) contributions, school districts across the state were faced with a difficult challenge. The quarter of a percent increase put a significant strain on the budgets of many districts, and it was unclear how these costs could be managed without impacting educational programs or staff compensation. Custodial outsourcing has emerged as one potential solution for many school districts trying to balance their budgets while still providing quality education for students.

TRS Increase


When school districts outsource custodial services, they can leverage the resources of a specialized cleaning and maintenance company to provide better working conditions for their staff. Custodial outsourcing companies are able to recruit and hire qualified personnel that have extensive experience in the field, which can free up time for district administrators to focus on other priorities. Additionally, outsourced custodial services can include job training opportunities as well as competitive salary and benefits packages. This helps ensure that schools are receiving quality service from experienced professionals while also providing employees with competitive compensation.

Outsourcing custodial services can also help reduce costs for school districts by eliminating the need to pay staff salaries, benefits and overtime pay. Custodial outsourcing companies can provide cost-effective services that are tailored to meet the exact needs of each individual school district. This allows districts to save money on operating costs while still providing quality custodial services for their students.

The positive impact of custodial outsourcing is also seen in the classroom. When schools outsource their custodial duties, they have more time to focus on programs and initiatives that directly benefit students. By ensuring that classrooms and other areas of the school are properly cleaned and maintained, teachers can feel confident about teaching in a safe and healthy environment for their students. Additionally, this frees up resources that can be used to purchase new textbooks or educational materials to enrich the learning experience of students.

In conclusion, custodial outsourcing can be seen as a valuable solution for school districts struggling with the increased costs of TRS contributions. Custodial outsourcing ensures better working conditions and benefits for employees, provides cost savings due to reduced staff salaries and overtime pay, and helps provide students with a safe and healthy environment for learning. Schools should seriously consider exploring this option if they are looking for ways to manage their budgets while still providing quality education for their students.

Custodial outsourcing provides an effective and cost-efficient solution for school districts looking to manage the additional costs of TRS contributions. It is important for administrators to carefully consider all aspects of this option before making a decision, as it has the potential to greatly benefit both staff and students alike. Custodial outsourcing may be the answer that many school districts need.

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