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Commercial Cleaning Takes Center Stage for Education Facilities

Recently CleanLink did a profile on How Facility Infection Control Practices Have Shifted due to the COVID -19 pandemic. Many commercial cleaning companies have changed their disinfecting services. 

During their research, they contacted our President Richard Rodriguez for comment. Richard explained how the McLemore leadership team feels transparency is the most significant change since the pandemic's beginning. There is more transparency in what we are doing to keep building occupants safe. No longer is the job done if the place "looks clean."

Richard then goes on to discuss how we are being transparent with school leaders about our janitorial services. We are sharing what we are doing to keep children healthy and at school. The school leaders can then communicate this with the parents.

Commercial cleaning has genuinely taken center stage in school districts. The early days of the pandemic were not easy regarding remote learning. Even the most involved parents do not miss figuring out how to teach their children math.

It is important to sanitize all surfaces and objects properly to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19). We can help you plan for back to school, even if your school district is not yet ready for contract services. McLemore has the biggest impact on our schools by providing day cleaning services, touch point cleaning, and electrostatic technology.

Janitor Cart

Day Cleaning

Day cleaning is not just typical night cleaning performed during the day. Imagine having a team of special day porters and a more concierge customer service approach for your cleaning program. McLemore Building Maintenance staff has been trained and certified to deliver a day cleaning program successfully. Additionally, our team receives ongoing professional development to ensure they are up to date on industry best practices.

McLemore's day cleaning approach depends on what budget the school can accommodate. Can the district leadership find extra dollars to hire an additional day custodian? If the funds aren't there, shifting some staff from the night shift to the day can be a highly effective alternative.

When a child comes to school sick, quick steps must be taken to protect the rest of the class. Day cleaning services provide a better response time.

You might be asking what steps McLemore takes when a child comes in sick. The best approach we have found is combining touchpoint cleaning and electrostatic technology. We use EPA-certified chemicals and a color-coding system to prevent cross-contamination. We also practice green cleaning with all our cleaning routines.

Touchpoint Cleaning

Many surfaces and objects can be overlooked when it comes to disinfecting and sanitizing your facility. Touchpoint cleaning involves having a professional clean and disinfect areas and fixtures that are frequently touched throughout the day. Think door pull knobs, sink handles, and water fountains. Other examples include conference tables, phones, water coolers, and elevator buttons.

It is important to deploy staff to focus on disinfecting surfaces that are most likely to be contaminated with germs. This will help to stop the spread of infection. By cleaning these surfaces frequently, the chance of transferring diseases decreases significantly. Touchpoint cleaning provides peace of mind for you, your staff, and your students as they navigate throughout their day.

McLemore uses high-quality chemicals and a color-coded microfiber system to keep facilities safe to prevent cross-contamination. McLemore understands the importance of using high-quality cleaning products. Our preferred disinfectant solutions clean, disinfect, and deodorize surfaces. They also hold the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification for efficacy against emerging pathogens, including COVID-19.

Electrostatic Spraying

An electrostatic sprayer is a highly effective way to kill all bacteria and viruses. When a child comes in sick, we clear out that classroom by sending the children to recess or the gym/auditorium. We then disinfect the classroom and get all the hard-to-reach surfaces and objects. The room is completely sanitized and safe for students in under an hour.

McLemore adopted electrostatic spraying systems as part of our standard practices in response to customers' needs in 2017. The school district struggled with their average daily attendance (ADA) due to terrible outbreaks of Staph and the Flu. After some research, the McLemore leadership team landed on electrostatic spraying as the best solution for the district.

McLemore began spraying the entire district once weekly, and the leadership team noted increased ADA for the rest of the year. Data from the next few years showed 15-25% lower student absenteeism and fewer teachers' sick days.

What makes electrostatic the preferred option for infection control? These systems are electrostatic sprayers paired with trusted disinfectant solutions. They provide superior coverage through airborne electrostatic technology.

Since the bacteria is has a negative charge, the positively charged disinfectant spray clings and surrounds hard-to-reach surfaces. That electrical charge allows the solution to have an attraction force up to 75 times gravity. Regularly employing this system helps keep your facility sanitized.

Since the bacteria is has a negative charge, the positively charged disinfectant spray clings and surrounds hard-to-reach surfaces.

Even when SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 ) is long gone, electrostatic disinfection will protect your schools from year-round and seasonal viruses. This maximizes productivity in your schools by preventing disruption of standard operations and loss of attendance that infectious diseases cause.

Here at McLemore, we are committed to taking care of your facilities as if they were our own. We take pride in how your facility looks. We care about the health and safety of you, the students, and the faculty on your campus.


The pandemic has highlighted the importance of health-driven cleaning practices for those outside of the cleaning industry. Parents feel safer seeing staff actively sanitizing the facilities to ensure their children's safety. They should also be aware of and understand the techniques a school district uses that they cannot physically see.

Health Driven Cleaning has taken center stage in school districts, and we do not see that trend changing anytime soon. Combining the right disinfectant solutions and standardized practices with highly trained cleaning professionals will improve ADA revenue and ease parents' concerns. Contact McLemore today to for a quote.

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