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Touchpoint Cleaning in Your Office

With Covid-19 restrictions being eased, offices across the country are reopening, which means it’s time for maintenance managers and superintendents to prioritize keeping their workspace clean and disinfected. Maintaining cleanliness and disinfection is essential to preventing the spread of germs and ensuring the health and safety of employees.

touchpoint cleaning

Identify the High-Touch Areas

High-touch areas in your office need to be identified before disinfection can begin. Think about places that many people touch and come in contact with throughout the day. Elevator buttons, door handles, light switches, keyboards, mice, desk phones are some the most likely suspects of high-touch areas. Additionally, items such as printers used by many people could play a role. Creating a checklist to help distinguish all possible high-touch areas from other areas will assist with ensuring a complete disinfection of these important surfaces. McLemore's commercial janitorial and custodial services include touchpoint cleaning in every building.


Know Which Disinfectants to Use

When considering the sanitation of your workspace, it is crucial to use the right type of disinfectant. Effectiveness is key: opt for EPA-approved products specially designed to target SARS-CoV-2 virus. Look at labels to ensure the particular product you choose meets this criteria, as well as provides contact time and application instructions. Utilizing the correct cleansers will give you confidence in knowing that your business or office remains safe for all coworkers and visitors.


Establish a Regular Disinfection Plan

Creating a schedule of cleaning and maintains healthy spaces is important! Disinfecting high-touch areas regularly helps to keep germs contained. It's important to think strategically about cleansing practices – consider a frequency that matches each space's foot traffic. Areas in your office that often have higher usage volumes, like the lobby, elevators, and restrooms could be wiped down using disinfectant multiple times a day. Spaces that see fewer visitors, though, can be disinfected just weekly or biweekly.


Enhance Cleanliness with Touchpoint Cleaning Services

Touchpoint Cleaning is the key to consistently clean, disinfect, and maintain a health-conscious workspace. Our cleaning professionals strategically follow a predetermined route throughout facilities on a regular basis, paying special attention to areas that are frequently touched. Common locations include door handles, faucets, sinks, and water fountains. With Touchpoint Cleaning, you ensure the hygiene and well being of workers and visitors with our reliable professional service.


Properly disinfecting high-touch areas in the workplace is an absolute must to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for everyone. Understanding which areas to focus on allows you to appropriately target your cleaning efforts, and choosing the proper disinfectants will help make sure that your plan of action is effective. Incorporating a regular schedule for sanitization keeps these areas from becoming contaminated over time. This can be challenging for any business, and that’s why turning to touchpoint cleaning services can be beneficial. It can provide the right equipment, expertise, and extra hands needed to complete such tasks in a timely manner. If you're looking for a way to take your office sanitation up a notch, contact McLemore today to see how we can help properly disinfect your high-touch areas!

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