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The Importance of Green Cleaning

As global warming increases, it is important that we are doing our part to help the planet. Many commercial cleaning companies have adopted a green cleaning method. This is the process of using cleaning solutions that are free of toxins and are healthier to you and the environment. Too much exposure to these toxins can cause damage to our bodies, air and ecosystem.
McLemore is proudly green clean certified. We switched our cleaning products to cleaning solutions with ingredients that are safer for the environment and created our recycling program.
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Green Cleaning

Adopting a green cleaning method for your janitorial services does not stop at switching your cleaning solutions. It also includes what you can do to reduce waste. Some examples are using eco-friendly cloths and keeping digital files to reduce paper waste.
Our environmental stewardship starts at home. McLemore’s green cleaning commitment emphasizes source reduction and waste reduction best practices throughout our daily business activities. We clean our own offices during the daytime hours to reduce energy consumption. We have also minimized the use of printed materials in our communications and record keeping.
We use certified green cleaning products and equipment whenever possible to save water, energy, packaging, and chemicals. MidLab and other companies have developed chemicals that are as effective as traditional chemicals but do not contain harsh ingredients. The number of chemicals required is also greatly reduced.
Implementation of Green Cleaning requires a strong training program as well as a quality control and audit process. While product selection is important, procedures are equally important, and perhaps more so. Our training programs follow the Standard Operating Procedures for sustainable, green cleaning.

Recycling Program

Many janitorial companies have started a recycling program within their services. There are a lot benefits to recycling your recyclable materials. It reduces the amount of waste that gets sent to landfills, conserves natural resources, prevents pollution and saves energy. Not only are these programs beneficial to your community, but also your health and the environment.
McLemore performs a waste stream audit to analyze current use and present recommendations within 120 days of the contract start. Containers for a co-mingled system will be like those pictured to the right. Sizes will differ depending on the projected volume that will pass through the system from a particular feeder area.
If you separate your recycling into different streams, you can save space and recycle more efficiently. There are three options in the immediate workspace area.
1. A regular waste receptacle and a separate paper recycle container in each workstation.
2. An insert is placed into the waste receptacle to segregate wet waste and recycling.
3. Restrict wet waste to common areas only; provide a recycling container in each workstation.
One way to make recycling efforts more efficient is to develop clear building goals and procedures. This can help both cleaning personnel and occupants understand what needs to be done and how to best go about it. Working with building management to support education and other efforts to engage occupants is important to accomplish this.
Our environmental stewardship starts at home. McLemore’s approach represents flexibility and quality performance to deliver excellence to your company. We will work with you to create a recycling program that fits your needs.
If you want to learn more about how McLemore can implement a green cleaning program at your buildings call us today!

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