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All You Need to Know About Electrostatic Spraying

Electrostatic spraying is a game-changer for the cleaning and disinfecting industry. It involves using an electrostatically charged mist to distribute cleaning solutions evenly and uniformly, covering every nook and cranny of surfaces. It's quickly becoming a popular choice for superintendents and maintenance managers because of its effectiveness and efficiency.

Use of Electrostatic Sprayer in Locker Room by McLemore Employee

How Does Electrostatic Spraying Work?

Electrostatic spraying uses an electrostatic charge to atomize and spray cleaning solutions onto surfaces. The sprayer applies a positive charge to the liquid as it passes through the nozzle, creating tiny droplets that repel each other. The droplets then seek out and stick to surfaces, creating a uniform coating that can reach every area. This process makes electrostatic spraying more efficient and effective than traditional cleaning methods, requiring less solution and time, and reducing the risk of missed spots.


What Are the Benefits of Electrostatic Spraying?

The benefits of electrostatic spraying are numerous, making it a game-changer in the cleaning and disinfecting industry. It can disinfect an area up to 75% faster than traditional methods, saving time and labor costs. It can also reduce the amount of cleaning solutions needed, making it more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient. More importantly, electrostatic spraying can kill up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria, preventing the spread of diseases and illnesses, such as COVID-19.


Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfection

Electrostatic spraying is a cleaning and disinfection method that involves applying an electric charge to a liquid disinfectant. The charged particles are attracted to surfaces, creating an even coat that covers 360 degrees of the object. This technology significantly reduces the amount of disinfectant wasted, reduces the time it takes to cover each surface, and guarantees an even spread of the solution, which leads to a more effective disinfection. Traditional cleaning methods may not guarantee perfect coverage. Electrostatic spraying also disinfects surfaces that are difficult to reach with traditional cleaning methods, such as chairs, covers, and fixtures.


Efficient Use of Disinfectants

Electrostatic sprayers can help reduce costs and ensure that the cleaning staff can do their jobs more efficiently, saving time and resources. With traditional cleaning methods, the amount of disinfectant used can be excessive. However, electrostatic sprayers require significantly less disinfectant to achieve the same level of coverage. This means that facilities can save money on disinfectant costs and cut down on the amount of cleaning time needed. With the increasing focus on sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint, this is a vital aspect of the technology.


Safeguard Public Health

The spreading of diseases and infections is a significant risk, especially in crowded environments such as offices, schools, and hospitals where people come into close contact with each other. Electrostatic spraying has been shown to be effective in reducing the spread of germs and viruses in these environments. The electrostatic process ensures wider, more thorough coverage of all surfaces, including hard-to-reach spots and areas that are typically overlooked in standard cleaning methods. By effectively eliminating germs, viruses, and bacteria, maintenance managers and superintendents can help maintain public health and safety.


Versatile Technology

Electrostatic spraying can be used in many different environments, not only for disinfection but also for mold cleaning or odor control. These sprayers can be used in schools, daycare centers, hospitals, nursing homes, gyms, offices, warehouses, and even airplanes. The versatility of the technology helps maintenance managers and superintendents to maintain optimal hygiene levels across an entire facility.


Electrostatic spraying released its full potential during the COVID crisis. However, the technology can be seen as a great addition to the arsenal of cleaning and disinfection processes. These benefits of electrostatic spraying prove it to be a worthwhile investment for any facility. With the above advantages, maintenance managers and superintendents can increase efficiency, save time and resources, improve cleaning efficacy, and enhance public health and safety. Contact McLemore Building Maintenance today to see how electrostatic spraying can benefit you!

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