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AR technology in reducing training concerns in custodial departments

For many organizations, high turnover in the custodial department is cause for huge headaches. Improper training of new hires and using fill ins from other areas can lead to concerns of irregular service and sanitation. McLemore is proud to partner with our chemical manufacturer, Midlab, to test and implement AR technology that will reduce training concerns. With the help of AR technology, McLemore hopes to reduce these issues by introducing a more efficient system for training custodial staff.
AR Technology


What is AR Technology? 

AR (Augmented Reality) technology is a digital platform that combines real-world scenarios with virtual elements. This technology enables users to interact with and manipulate the environment in new and creative ways. With AR, users can access data, receive information about their surroundings, or even control virtual objects placed in the environment. In the case of McLemore and Midlab, AR technology is being used to create an interactive training platform for custodial staff. By providing detailed instructions and interactive visuals, AR technology enables new hires to quickly learn the necessary skills required for their position.

Benefits of AR Technology for Custodial Staff Training 

The primary benefit of using AR technology in custodial staff training is its ability to accelerate the learning process. With an interactive platform, new hires can quickly learn the skills they need to perform their job without the need for direct supervision. AR technology also offers enhanced safety benefits, as it enables custodial staff to understand and follow complicated operations with ease. Finally, using AR technology in training reduces the cost of re-training due to a high turnover rate, saving companies time and money in the long run.

Challenges of Implementing AR Technology in the Custodial Department 

One of the primary challenges of implementing AR technology in custodial staff training is that it requires a robust infrastructure to be successful. This means that companies must have access to reliable internet, hardware, and software in order for their AR technology to function correctly. Additionally, companies must have the resources to update and maintain their AR technology on a regular basis in order for it to remain effective.

By partnering with Midlab to test and implement AR technology, McLemore hopes to reduce training concerns in the custodial department. This technology offers several benefits, such as accelerating the learning process, enhancing safety, and reducing re-training costs. Although there are challenges associated with implementing this technology, McLemore is confident that the benefits it offers will outweigh any potential drawbacks. With the help of AR technology, McLemore hopes to create a more efficient training system for its custodial staff. 

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