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In-House Vs. Outsourced Janitorial Services

In-House Janitorial Services 

Many schools keep janitorial services in-house because they have always done so and never considered changing. Some of the key benefits include control, security, and scheduling. 

Commercial Cleaning Takes Center Stage for Education Facilities

Day Cleaning

Day cleaning is not just typical night cleaning performed during the day. Imagine having a team of special day porters and a more concierge customer service approach for your cleaning program. McLemore Building...

5 Ways to Increase the Safety in Your Building

#1: Reoccurring Reviews of Safety Procedures

As time goes on, it can be easy to forget the safety procedures set in place. A way to avoid this is by having reoccurring safety meetings. McLemore Building Maintenance holds weekly...

Healthy and Clean: Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Beyond

What does this mean for you?

McLemore’s approach to caring for facilities is healthy and clean, not only in times of crisis but all year long. How do we put health before cleaning as a janitorial company? Great question! We use...